Monday, January 30, 2012

The supernatural

What is your favorite paranormal creature? There are thousands of paranormal books out there to choose from. Vampires, shifters, werewolves, and even Fae. Some nice and some naughty. For some reason I lean toward the naughty...
 Are you a fan of the vampire hunter or the drop dead sexy huntee? Do you prefer a supernatural shape shifter who can change at will or show the love for the shifter who must obey the moon? I happen to be a fan of all. But why do we fall madly in love with the non-existent creatures? What makes us drool over the sexy bad ass with a longer set of teeth? Because we can't have them, that's why!!! Perhaps it's because when we read about them, our minds conjure up the hottest thing imaginable. Sex and danger the perfect combo!
So tell me your thoughts. Tell me what creature of night gets your blood pumping.


Tory Michaels said...

Considering my upcoming releases all have vampires, I'd probably better say vampires. Hehe.

I'm also fond of the mage-types (and lo and behold, I've combined a vampire and mage=born to form my blood mages!)

Not so into the shifters. Though, I have to say it'd be nice to have a mate who could turn into a big, fluffy animal to lie on my feet when they get cold. :)